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F.H.L. Academy INC

FHL Academy INC was founded in 2015. In 2016 we opened a Christian school in Bagley serving grades K4-6th. Since then, FHL Academy has grown to offer classes for grades K4-12th grade. 


In 2022, F.H.L Academy INC. opened a second school in Erskine, MN - Freedom Christian Academy (FCA)  which is currently serving grades K4-6th grade. 

F.H.L. Academy INC Board of Directors

President: Vanessa Jodock    218-694-2048; cell 218-280-8240

Treasurer: Shannon Johnson 218-694-2048; cell 218-766-8594

Secretary: Jason Breckel        218-280-6117

Member: Jim Binder                218-556-1545

Member: Chris Conger           218-657-2258  

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